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Striped Black Japanese Bowl

Radiating Stripes in Bowl

Inverted Black and Grey Bowl

Product Details:

Material(s): Stoneware.

Dimensions: 7½ in diameter; 3¼ high.

Description: Multi-purpose bowl with a distinctly modern,
Japanese look. The body of the bowl fans out from its half inch base. The bowl features two different glazings--it has a shiny, smooth, black and grey marbled exterior, whereas the interior has a shiny black glaze striated by radiating, matte, mahogany lines that create a textured pattern.

Microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Made in Japan.

Price: $14.50 per piece; set of 4 for $53.25.

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Striped Japanese Bowl and Large Celadon Mug on Bamboo Tray