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Rice Grain Sake Set

Ribbed Sake Set on Bamboo Tray Finger Indents on Sake Decanter

   Product Details

      Material(s): Stoneware.
      Dimensions: 6" high, 8 oz. decanter bottle. 1¾" high,
          1.2 oz. round cups.
      Description: Set of 1 bottle and your
          choice of 2 to 4 cups . The bottle
          features a tapered, ribbed, traditionally-shaped
          body with an oversized pouring head. Three
          indentations can be found onthe side for grasping
          the decanter with fingers to facilitate pouring. An
          earthy, tan and brown glaze covers most of the
          body, including the interior. A green drip glaze has
          also been applied to the bottle head and cup rims.
          Both bottle and cups are further decorated with
          dark brown silouettes of rice grain.
      Price: $21-26; add only $5 for a 10.5 x 9" bamboo
          wicker tray.
          Please note, this is the only sake set that does not come in a gift box.

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Ribbed Sake Set on Bamboo Tray