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6 Person Tea Set

Lotus Teapot

   Product Details:

      Material(s): Ceramic.

      Dimensions: Cups: 2½ inches high, 6 oz..
      Teapot: 4½ inches high, 24 oz..

      Description: Large Chinese-style tea set with
      hand-painted lotus flower motif on white background.
      Features a beautiful, glassy, crackle glaze. The interior
      of the teapot has strainer holes before the spout, making
      it ideal for serving loose-leaf tea. The handle is made of
      braided wire over reed. Comes in an easy-to-wrap,
      decorated gift box.

      Price: $57.65 (gift box included)

Back of Teapot Teapot Strainer Holes

Lotus Teacups