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Sushi Plate and Condiment Saucer

Close-up of Sushi Plate

Product Details

Material(s): Stoneware.
Dimensions: Dish: 8¼" X 5¾"; Saucer: 3¾" diameter.
Description: Richly glazed Japanese dishware.
The size of rectangular dish makes it ideal for sushi,
baked fish, or an appetizer. The round, slightly
triangular condiment saucer is large enough to be
put to a variety of creative uses. The top surface
of the saucer is grooved with a brilliant swirl that
serves to accentuate the multi-tonal richness of the
glaze, whereas the top of the dish is embellished
with a subtle, criss-crossed, textile pattern.
Both feature the same moderately glossy, dark,
ink-green glaze. Dishwasher and microwave safe.
Price: Saucer -- $6.50; Plate -- $15.50
2 Person Set (2 dishes, 2 saucers, and 2 pairs
of bamboo chopsticks)
-- $40.00
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