2 Cup Blue Sake Set

Blue Sake Set in Gift Box

   Product Details

      Material(s): Stoneware.
      Dimensions: One 5" high, 14 oz. gourd-shaped decanter          bottle. Two 1½" high, 1 oz. round cups.
      Description: Set of 1 bottle and 2 small cups
          . A shiny royal blue glaze covers most of the
          bottle and cups, while the bottom quarter of the bottle
          has a dark earthy brown, finely textured surface. The
          neck and spout of the bottle are covered in a frosty
          beige and light-blue drip glaze. A similar drip glaze
          can be found on a portion of each cup. During
          it's confection, the blue glaze is prevented from
          covering a portion of the body, revealing the shape
          of the Chinese character for blessing and prosperity,
          , in white. In Japanese, this character is
          pronounced fuku.
      Price: $26.00 per set; add $5 for 13" x 9" bamboo tray.

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Chinese Character Sake Set on Bamboo Tray