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Product Details:

Material(s): Celadon with brass ring on lid.

Dimensions: 3 inches high with a 4-inch diameter.

Description: Finely crafted celadon incense burners
ideal for holding and burning coil or cone incense. Three subtle feet prop up the flat, round bowl that holds the incense. The interior has the same fine glaze as the exterior, allowing for easy clean up of incense cinders. The lid forms a slight dome and has a brass ring handle. The decorative openings in the lid allow for the effusion of incense fragrances, while minimizing the risk of accidental burns or fire. Our incense burners are available in dark jade green celadon with a crackle glaze or in powder blue celadon. The lid openings come in two different designs: "prosperity" and "clarity."

Price: $26.87 (gift box included).

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